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Jakarta tends to get overlooked by tourists. but after living there for a year, i realized there are tons of fun things to do in jakarta. here’s my guide!. Abrasive blasting robot, automated blasting, blast cleaning robot, robot blasting, robotic blasting, shot blasting robot, abrasive blast cleaning. I am harvie, a bangkok expat who runs his own bangkok travel blog, where i talk about everything regarding bangkok including thai girls. i recently went on a two-week trip to jakarta for a “cultural holiday”. for me a cultural holiday in asia involves staying in my hotel with the air-con on.

Snow shuts Eiffel Tower as winter blast hits France - World - The Jakarta Post

Snow shuts eiffel tower as winter blast hits france – world – the jakarta post

This is an update on the most happening bars in jakarta as of 2017. i visited them at least once this year and i’m ranking them starting with my favorites.. The 2003 marriott hotel bombing occurred on 5 august 2003 in mega kuningan, south jakarta, indonesia.a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb outside the lobby of the jw marriott hotel, killing twelve people and injuring 150.. Civic groups in shan state on monday lambasted a plan by the myanmar government and the international finance corporation (ifc), world bank’s private sector arm, to build a hydroelectric power project in the state..